everything is in the way. 

Sky and sunshine

Skylar is always fun to photograph. The sun came out on Sunday - a beautiful, warm spring day in the middle of winter - and we celebrated with a belated birthday gathering for Katelyn in Skylar and Jasmina’s yard.  Delicious food and drinks and pretty ladies and sunshine. Happiness.

Photo taken on Sunday, January 13, 2013. 

I can’t get over the colors! 

ok, this is the last autumnal tree photo.  I swear.  

Photo taken on Friday, November 16, 2012. 

the unintentional gradient

I’ve taken what feels like an unnecessary amount of photos of trees this winter.  They’re all the same really.  But this one surprised me - the sky didn’t look like it appears in this photo (and I haven’t edited it at all - it’s just how I exposed it with a high aperture setting).  But I like it.  Gradients are cool, especially when you create them on accident (kind of).  

Photo taken on March 1, 2012.  

x marks the spot

Whenever I see airplane trails crossing in the sky, I’m reminded of two things: the first is my documentary photojournalism class at UNC.  It was probably my favorite class in college and we once had a lively discussion about airplane trails creating a cross figure to symbolize the preponderance of religious fanaticism in the South (yeah, photographers have those ridiculous conversations sometimes).  I’m also reminded of my dad, the pilot, of course.  When I was little, any time I saw or heard an airplane up in the sky, I would point and say “Look! That’s my daddy up in the sky!”  adorable, I know.  

anyway, glad I had my camera with me while I was walking home from work this afternoon.

Photo taken on Thursday, December 8, 2011.