"You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair." 

- L.M. Montgomery 

Shakori shenanigans 

Just a few shots from our romp around the festival on Saturday night.  I think my favorite is Big Wave Dave entering another dimension through the hoola hoop. Love it. 

Photos taken on Saturday, October 12, 2013. 

The Brand New Life at Shakori Hills!

What happens when you put Marley’s favorite band in the lineup of her favorite music festival? Pure ecstasy - literally.  I was dancing so hard during “Al Quacka” that a woman approached me and asked (quite nicely) “are you on ecstasy?” I replied, “no ma’am, I just really love this song!” 

This was the Brand New Life’s last show in North Carolina before their big move to NYC.  I will miss them terribly but I’m so excited for the band to move to a big city with a much bigger music scene.  And it won’t be long before I make a trip up there to see them…

Photos taken on Thursday, October 10, 2013. 

The Avett Brothers, up close and personal

So two months ago I got really lucky - one of my colleagues at UNC asked me to help him film and photograph a benefit concert. And the special guests were none other than two of the Avett Brothers (Scott Avett and Joe Kwon).  The Avett Brothers have been one of my favorite bands since freshman year of college so it was pretty awesome to shake their hands (Scott even gave me a hug). 

The event itself (before, during, and after) was absolutely crazy.  I’ve never seen so many starstruck people in such a small, confined space.  It made me really appreciate the fact that I’m not (and never will be) famous.  And despite all the ridiculous fanfare, Scott and Joe still seemed like cool, down-to-earth guys.  

Photos taken on Thursday, April 18, 2013.  

BNL at the Pinhook

The Brand New Life played another fabulous show at the Pinhook last night.  Look at how happy Mr. Seth Barden is! 

Photos taken on Friday, May 3, 2013. 

a rose-tinted night with Beats Antique

We saw Beats Antique for the first time about a year ago and they were really good.  When we saw them again on Wednesday night, they were phenomenal. They know how to put on a one-of-a-kind show - stunning, weird, vibrant visuals and beautiful, pulsating music.  The energy they brought to the Cradle was incredible.

Photos taken on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.    

that hair. my god, that hair. 

The drummer of Desert Noises and I have the exact same hair. I think he’s rockin it a little harder than I am though. fun show.

Photos taken on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. 

Spooky Woods at the Local 506

Yet another wonderful night of live music here in Chapel Hill.  Spooky Woods is quickly defining their sound and making a name for themselves around town.  Keep creating beautiful music y’all.

Photos taken on Tuesday, February 26, 2013. 


I love Adam.  I wasn’t even planning to go out last night but Adam convinced me (it didn’t take much convincing at all really) to go to a show with him at the Local 506.  And I’m so glad I did.  We saw Mobley, an indie-rock band from Austin, TX and they were AWESOME.  Really great show, we had such a good time.   The Local 506 is a fun place to take photos too.  

Photos taken on Tuesday, October 16, 2012.